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No Bull, Gym In A Bag Workout Guide.

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If you know how to fuel and train your body, where you are matters less.™

Travelling or working abroad can be a challenge, by restricting access to equipment you’re used to hitting your goals with.

SUPP UP. No Bull, Gym In A Bag Workout Guide gives you tools and knowledge on how to maintain your current fitness levels through simple and effective, but challenging methods while away from home – without breaking the bank.

Each section elaborates on portable pieces of exercise equipment you can fit in a weekend bag (accompanied with sample workouts), maintaining efficiency and effectiveness, covering:

1.       Strength. While maintaining strength requires weight, it doesn’t always have to include iron. Learn how to keep strength levels optimum when you don’t have access to all the toys in the weight room – and how to enhance them when you do.

2.       Conditioning. Doesn’t always mean a run (or walk) in the park. Stop pounding away at the treadmill and start learning how to get the same (if not better) results in while away from home, in half the time.

3.       Mobility. Often confused with flexibility, keeping your mobility in check is just as important as being strong. Discover the single best pieces of kit to take with you that help maintain and enhance your mobility.

4.       Stability. Important and reliant on mobility, keeping your joints stable is critical to peak performance. Learn what to do and how it ties in with mobility.

5.       Flexibility. Goes hand in hand with mobility, and combined in one neat chapter. Learn what to use to stay loose while away from home without packing your yoga instructor.

6.       Agility. A bonus section which focuses on merging fun with fitness. Not every workout has to kick your ass. Strength and conditioning without agility is limiting yourself – discover how to improve your reflexes for less than a fiver.

At the end of the book, sample workouts are provided which enable to you put full use to your gym in a bag, while giving you the ability to tweak said workouts to your ability and desired level of intensity.

Stop doing guesswork, start making the necessities of your life easier.

SUPP UP. – Get your copy now.

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Sol Rego

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