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No Bull, Whole Food Military Nutrition On The Go.

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If you know how to fuel and train your body, where you are matters less.

One of the biggest hurdles about being deployed or constantly on the go is maintaining desired nutrition.

This is where SUPP UP. comes in. It gives you tools and knowledge on how to get your vital nutrients through whole foods and supplementation.

Each chapter elaborates on both in detail, how food and supplementation go hand in hand, covering:

1.       Protein. Why it’s important, how you’re not getting enough of it, proteins your body absorbs the best, and how it’s vital in fueling your muscles – both in the gym and everyday life.

2.       Carbs. More important than you think, far from your enemy. Learn why your muscles need carbs just as much as they do protein, the importance of glycogen stores, good carbs vs. bad carbs, and how to get them on the go.

3.       Fiber. Don’t be full of sh*t. While carbs and protein are the most talked about, this underdog is just as important. A healthy gut is a moving gut – this section teaches you how not to neglect it.

4.       Fats. There is such a thing as healthy fat – and it keeps you growing, literally. Learn the difference between good and bad fats and how to supply yourself with the former while on the go.

5.       Minerals. There’s a reason why your mother used to always say eat your veggies, among other things. Covers how to pack your minerals without taking the whole garden with you.

6.       Antioxidants. Equally important to all the above. The harder you push yourself in life or work, the more your body needs help to deal with the stress. Learn how to tackle stress with the right antioxidants.

7.       Vitamins. Be honest – you don’t, and often can’t, always get all your vitamins from the foods you eat; so better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Covers why multi-vitamins are bunk and what vitamins really help while deployed or on the go.

8.       Hydration. If you’re thinking this section is just about water, think again. Explains what real hydration is, why it’s important, and how to get it no matter where you are.

9.       Snacks. Sometimes a meal isn’t enough. Learn how to make snacks packed with what’s important to keep you going – all of which only need a few ingredients (yes, really), while some don’t even need to be baked.

10.     Supplements. Covered throughout the book, but also a chapter itself. Explore which supplements are crucial (and save some money you may already be spending unnecessarily).

Stop doing guesswork, start making the necessities of your life easier.

SUPP UP. – Get your copy now.

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Sol Rego

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